Scheduling OR why my brain hurts…

I had two maths teachers when I was at high school. One was frighteningly similar to a certain Hannibal Lectar and used to hang a mirror on the black/white board so he could see people screwing around behind him and the other was a borderline alcoholic who once drew us a diagram on how to grow our own doob plant because we weren’t listening to what he was saying.

My point here is a very simple one. For as long as I can remember I have always struggled with maths and numbers, often staring blankly at them for long, long periods of time. And unfortunately it didn’t matter that I was being threatened by a man reminiscent of a cannibal or being educated by a drunken pot enthusiast – I just never got it.

So you can imagine the joy that spread across my face when it has finally come time to start working on scheduling and budgets!!! I must admit working with Al, Anli & Chris has made the path slightly less rocky and although I did leave Al’s house on Tuesday with a significantly swollen brain, I am happy to say we managed to nut out what seems to be a schedule consisting of a respectable 33 days.

Me being the optimist that I am reckon we can do it in 30!

What I am about to post up is the first of many video blogs that will be following us on our epic journey to create what is going to be a mammothly difficult but ultimately achievable, kickass Australian film!!

So please keep checking out our blog for regular updates which will be happening from here on in – also we have a young film blogger (my cousin in fact) coming in to cover our behind the scenes stuff so I will keep you up to speed on that as we should be seeing that happening real soon!!

Apart from that enjoy the photos and the videos and until next time in the words of a Mexican or Spanish person – adios!

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