You, the Living

This is one of the more bizarre films I’ve seen at the festival. I’m not exactly sure what it was about. It wasn’t your traditional narrative. It was basically just a whole lot of beautifully crafted, and precisely framed long-takes of awkward, although mostly humorous, encounters involving a series of equally strange characters. The look and style of the film was very plain, minimal, and almost like that of a really low budget uncreative student film. Everything looked as if it was a studio set, and was purposely placed. This film was already incredibly funny – in a very weird sense. It reminded me of the great “cow bell” skit. These filmmakers must have had some serious patience and persistence. All of their jokes were incredibly subtle, and everything ran on for just those few minutes too long – but it uncomfortable to watch, yet at the same time, absolutely perplexing. I really enjoyed this film, and it’s very dry humour. It was seriously unusual – but very funny and unpredictable.