Workshopping SHOTGUN!

So we are about to head into Draft 9 territory which is a bit of a scary thought. Scary mainly because we have taken (when I say we I mean mostly Al) a 135 page MONSTER script and managed to get it to a slightly less daunting length of 90-100 pages. Something that I would have said was near impossible when I first read the 7th Draft!!!

With that in mind we are also putting up some scenes on the floor tomorrow to see how they fare. For those of you that don’t know, Alistair and I both undertook 12 months of acting training last year with an institution called 16th Street Actors Studio. Seeing as we have 22 brilliant actors to call on we have decided to have a muck around with the script with these guys and see how we go.

I think this is a massive step in this film being realised as up until this point (and not including the short), this is the first time that we really have a chance at playing with some of these characters. Not only is this an important moment for us it’s just plain fucking exciting!!!

With that in mind I leave you with the exciting thought that we will begin to have some video content appearing for you in the next week or so!! So please hold onto your hats – video content coming soon…………in the meantime get out and see Nothing Men. It’s a low budget Australian film with Colin Friels and David Field that has just recently graced our art house cinemas!!


peace out