What are the chances? The film I hated the most has been the only film with projection problems, forcing the screening to run for even longer. I think the projectionist fell asleep. I don’t know what it was about this film, but it was incredibly boring. It opened with a five minute wide shot of a forest. Nothing happened. Nothing at all! The rest of the film wasn’t that much better. Stuff happened, but it was so tedious, that I didn’t take any of it in. It shouldn’t have been boring. It had people dieing, wives creating on husbands, husbands sleeping with wives sisters, child dramas, and all that. But it was just really, really uninteresting. Everything was so slow. All the shots ran for a minute longer than they needed to. The acting was probably OK, but there was so much space between words, that you couldn’t take in the dialogue, and therefore didn’t even concentrate on what the actors were doing, let alone saying. The young girl was a good actor – I noticed that. She was very believable, and despite the fact she didn’t say much, her presence on the screen was very powerful. But that was the only positive thing I got out of this film.