Wah Wah

Have been away for a few days with my lovely lady and managed to take a load off for the first time in god knows how long.  The great thing about this trip being that I got the opportunity to read the Wah Wah diaries by Richard E. Grant which is basically his diary from his first film as a writer/director and jesus was it an eye opener.

Made me realise just how fucking difficult the whole film making process can be, and this was for a man who has been around for years and years.  I think the one thing that became apparent though was the struggle that Richard had the with producers (French ones) on the film which is funnily enough i think what sets Chris and I aside from regular producers.

The fact being that we don’t see ourselves as those control freak business types and would go as far as calling ourselves collaborative film makers more than producers.  Anyway came home to the news yesterday of an audition for a Disney show this afternoon, character and show actually sound kinda cool so fingers crossed I can nail the bloody thing.

It’s gonna be a busy few months ahead with not only Shotgun but a bunch of other things that come with the end of the year including the 48 Hour Film Fest which we’re getting the old band together again from last year.

Anyway off to learn some lines before the nerves of the audition process begin to kick in again – I don’t know if I’m ever gonna get used to the audition process, having already been scared by it for 14 years now!

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