Vengeance Is Mine

Shohei Imamura’s 1979 film, Vengeance Is Mine, tells the story of a 78-day crime spree by a serial killer who is constantly evading police in Japan. The film constantly jumps too and fro in time; one moment the killer is locked up, the next we are seeing the crimes he has committed in the past. This is a very powerful and dramatic film, with some very graphic images of people getting murder in cold blood. Its action packed from start to finished, and hasn’t really aged. I really liked this movie – although it’s hard to say that I enjoyed it. There are some really tough moments to watch. The characters in this film are very well acted, and portray some very mysterious and intriguing relationships between each other. Right throughout the movie you, as a viewer, are constantly trying to work out what the main character is thinking, and why he does the horrible things he does – it very rarely gives you a second to relax, and absorb the information. The only think I disliked about the film was the very bizarre ending. Maybe there is some kind of religious message throughout the whole film that I simply didn’t get.