This is one of the best slasher/horror/comedy film’s I’ve ever seen. Completely sick, absolutely hilarious, and extremely terrifying – this film really had it all. A team of sales executives from an international arms company head to a corporate retreat in the forests of Hungary for a morale-building exercise. But when the come across a road block due to a fallen tree, they are forced to walk to their far-away lodge. They make it – safely, but are soon hunted down one by one by a mystery man in the woods. This film exceeds all expectations. It manipulates the audience every step of the way with perfect precision. The English humour is fantastic – with touches of The Office, and Shaun of the Dead thrown in for good measure. There are a lot of scenes that are so sick they make you laugh – and scenes so scary they’ll make you hide. The set ups and payoffs are by far the best I’ve seen in a while. I really loved this film and I’m finding it impossible to fault. The acting was perfect, the locations were perfect, it has great sound and visuals, so many funny moments, and some great special effects. I came out of this film feeling extremely satisfied!

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