Seven Swords

After watching so many slow films over the past couple of days, it was a relief to see a non-stop action packed movie. Despite the fact that I’m really not a fan of sword fighting movies, I was definitely ready for this one. It’s an epic movie about a group of 17th century sword fighters that team up together to defend a village against an army of ruthless killers, who aim is to exchange the dead bodies of the towns people for cash. Jam packed with sword fighting, decapitations, disfigurations, lush landscapes, strong men, sexy women and fancy wirework, this film is a visual masterpiece. The soundtrack is complex and in-your-face, with some face-cringing skin-slicing moments. The music is grand, with some great orchestral sections. Although I didn’t really like the story line, as it was a bit to fantasy for me, that didn’t matter. There was no time to think about it. You basically sat down and were taken on a hair-raising rollercoaster ride, full of magic and almost traditional special effects. If you’re in to blockbuster fight sequences, or have recently watch way to many human interest movies, then you can’t go past this one!