Red Road

Red Road is a dark thriller about Jackie, a surveillance camera officer, who watches over the dangerous streets of Glasgow on a matrix of television screens. One day, she recognises a man whose past collides traumatically with her own. She begins to stalk him. After following him under the security of closed circuit surveillance cameras, she takes the next step, and integrates herself into his life. As she becomes closer to him, and the stakes becomes much higher, we start to learn the facts behind why she is so intent of hunting down this man. This film starts off really slow. We observe Jackie watching camera footage of uneventful streets and shop fronts. But, as she becomes more obsessed with keeping tabs on the mystery man, the film gains momentum, and doesn’t stop until the very end. Jackie is thrown into a dangerous world, full of dodgy people. But we don’t understand why she puts herself in this situation until the very end, and by then, everything is quite intense. Although I wouldn’t say this is one of my favourite films, it certainly isn’t boring by the end. In fact, it becomes quite disturbing and almost terrifying in sections. Incredibly well acted – this film really takes you on a journey through some quite scary territory. The look of the film is very rough and gritty, to match the tough neighbourhood. The sound design is very minimal, with no music throughout the whole film. A bit slow in places, but waiting till the end is worth it.