Now, if you could just do it again, but better…

Well, I’m very sorry to say that already we’re struggling finding the time to update this blog, and it hasn’t even been that long since we started it up! Thing is, we are absolutely flat out! And to make matters worse, our whole team seems to be getting ill in one way, shape or form! Isaac has bronchitis. David has tonsillitis. Caithlin is having surgery on her back. And Anli has been sick now with some kind of bug for the past couple of weeks. I just haven’t been sleeping… pretty much at all, so although I may not be ill, yet, I still look a little worse for wear!

So anyway, illness’ aside – what have we been doing since last Saturday? Why haven’t we been sleeping? Why are we so stressed? One simple answer – casting! We started advertising early in the week, and since then it’s really been “all hands on deck”! We had a MASSIVE response – I’m generally getting around 60+ e-mails a day from people all over Australia. To be perfectly honest, we’re really surprised! We knew our concept was pretty unique and exciting, but we had no idea people would be willing to fly interstate (at their OWN expensive) just to attend a half an hour audition! It’s all been really exciting! We had our first auditions yesterday (as it’s now after mid-night), and it all went very smooth considering Isaac’s lovely cough. We did plan to get some behind the scenes footage, but unfortunately, we just ran out of time. We really need to get someone on board to just take care of all our behind the scenes stuff! Anyone interested? Well, if you’re one of the few people who actually read this, and you are interested in documenting this – lets face it – AMAZING adventure, then get in touch!

So what else has been happening? Well, the search continues for costume designers/builders for our Pinky character. So far we’ve had quotes ranging from $60,000 – $3,000. We’ve been in touch with so many different costumes companies, it’s been incredible.

We’ve also been hunting down crew, further developing the feature film concept, working on the trailer script, doing budgets, schedules, and generally sending and replying to HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of e-mails each day, not to mention many, many phone calls and SMS’. And it never stops. However, at least we’re not alone – believe it or not, but when we put up our first online ad for casting at 3:00 in the morning, we had a reply by 3:30 am! Seems actors don’t sleep either…

So what’s in store for the next few days? More auditions! Meetings with various post production houses, costume design companies, composers, crew, etc. Script sessions and internal production meetings. Really – it just never stops. And it’s not going to stop for a while – we have so much work to do over the next couple of months (and of course, years).

So stay tuned! Lots more exciting things to come! We’ll TRY and get around to recording some video footage at our auditions on Saturday and post it up here on the blog, or at least some photos so you can see how lovely we all look.

Over the next few weeks we’ll also start posting up information on the production and the story on this blog, as well as some of our development documentation and drawings, so you can start to piece together how this whole nightmare came to be. Lots of things planned – and we WILL actually get around to it at some stage.

Ok… I’ve now got 45 unread e-mails sitting in my inbox. I’d better get back to it…

See you in the soup!


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