Not long to go now…

Yikes! We begin principle photography in tweleve days! That’s only 288 hours away (give or take)! Oh dear! So much to do, so very little time. What’s been happening since I last wrote? Lots and lots. We’ve been doing some more camera and lighting tests on location, organising all the additional paperwork that needs to be done, finialising locations, building sets, costumes and props, tinkering with animatronics, blowing things up (pyro tests!), doing special effects tests – so much stuff! We’ve literally been jamming as much stuff as we possibly can into each day, and we’re making amazing progress! But despite this, the to-do list is still very long. Some time soon we’ll post some photos of Pinky’s head being put together, and once we’ve got shooting out of the way, we might even write up some proper posts on how we went about making it. Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got time for tonight. I’ve got to get back to work organising actors and crew! Speak to you again soon!


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