Nature’s Way

This is a really great, yet very creepy New Zealand short film about a man who murders a young girl in a rain forest, and is later haunted by her in the most frightening of ways. Basically, nature fights back! This is one of the most professionally looking short films I’ve ever seen. Watching it at ACMI, the picture quality was absolutely amazing. I’m fairly sure it was shot on 35mm, as the resolution was perfect. The audio quality was also really, really impressive. The musical score was also very nice. To top it all off, the screenplay was great. Spine-chilling, but great none the less! I really like the whole concept of the film. Obviously a lot of money has been put into this short, as all departments were producing results that easily matched the quality of high budget Hollywood movies. Also, the credits did roll on for quite some time. As you can see, I was really impressed with this film. It makes me wonder if I should move to New Zealand and work with all the amazing filmmakers that seem to be there!