My eyes are bleeding…

I just read Chris and Al’s last posts and sat for a minute in silence.

Let me paint the picture for you. It’s almost 2am, it was my birthday yesterday, it is the last night of my bar job tomorrow night as my bar is closing, it’s the script read on sunday night, then I have 2 days of night shoots on a short film that I agreed to do, all the while pushing on with SHOTGUN! producing duties.

The reason I tell you this is because I am trying to work out exactly why, knowing that I have that busy road ahead, I am sitting quietly in my house, in my new favourite yellow jocks that I have aptly named “Golden Boy” (thank you Seinfeld), working away at my computer on the mountain of work that needs to be done before Sunday rolls over.

And I think after reading the posts from the two men mentioned above who may (or may not) have been climaxing when they wrote said posts, I finally know why.

I stumbled onto SHOTGUN! by pure luck some 15 months ago and I haven’t wanted to look back. The amount of work that has been put into this film already by myself, Chris and Alistair is unbelievable and I dare anyone to question our passion, drive and balls (most importantly balls) as film makers!!

I think the most exciting thing about this whole experience for me is that we are trying to push boundaries and make Australia stand up and take notice of the deep pool of talent that we have in this country. And I am part of a team which includes 2 of the best blokes that you are likely to know. We arn’t doing this for fame or fortune or book deals or new idea exclusives or a potential judging position on Australia’s Got Talent. We are doing this because we are three ordinary blokes who just happen to love the movies and who want to impart that love onto others!!

So do me a big favour kids – share the love…..

and prepare to have your socks knocked THE FUCK OFF!!