Mutual Appreciation

This film is basically exactly the same look and feel of “Funny Ha Ha” made two year before by the same team. Having seen “Funny Ha Ha” just a few days before this one, I’m not sure I was ready to watch this one just yet. However, despite that, I still enjoyed it, although I did wish it would speed up. It’s basically a story about a young man who moves to a new town to pursue his music career as an indie rock musician. He spends a lot of time with one of his closest friends and his girlfriend, and grows more and more attracted to this woman. Like “Funny Ha Ha”, this film basically just shows everyday life, and everyday conversations, including the long pauses. It relies on honesty and simple humility to communicate its charms. Although I quite liked this film, as the characters grew on me more and more towards the end, I found “Funny Ha Ha” to be more entertaining as I really loved the girl in it. However, she does make an appearance in this film, playing much the same character. In fact, this is basically just a clone of “Funny Ha Ha”, telling a different story, and changing the main character from a female to a male. Well worth watching, just be aware that it’s slow and precise. At the end of the day, nothing really happens.