Mister Lonely

This is a very odd, yet surprisingly entertainment and perplexing film about a young American who barely makes a living as a Michael Jackson impersonator in Paris. He loves “being” Michael – but he’s obviously unhappy with his life as it currently stands. Things take a turn for the better when a fake Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance whilst he’s performing at a retirement village. He’s instantly attracted to her, and when she suggests that he should come back with her to a self-sufficient community far away, “where no one gets old” and she lives with her husband Charlie Chaplin, daughter Shirley Temple, plus a host of other phoney celebrities, he decides to pack up and come along for the ride. The film is primarily about a three way relationship between Michael, Marilyn and Charlie and their crazy lifestyle. However, it also follows a separate and completely unrelated story about nuns jumping out of planes and surviving. It’s almost like watching a feature film on the TV and having strange ads in between. This film is very bizarre, but as the characters are all so fascinating, the film really hooks you in. It’s not a comedy in the traditional sense – although there are some funny moments. There is a lot of drama and heartache, as we watch these unusual characters go about their strange existence. To be honest, I’m not sure if I understood “the bigger picture” of this film – or even if there was a common theme throughout the whole film. However, despite this, I was fascinated by what I was watching and some of the visual (especially the opening and closing shots) were beautifully shot. A very different film – but one well worth watching!