Love This Time

Without being bias, as Rhys is one of my teachers at Uni, this is truly a fantastic short film. It tells the story of Nouria, as she deals with trying to keep a family together after the death of her mother. Her father won’t get out of bed, and she is left to look after her younger brother. The acting in this film is fantastic and extremely moving, despite the fact that all of the cast are young. Even the dog did a great job. The look of the film is beautiful, and portrays and paints a very accurate picture of outer city Melbourne suburbs. I especially loved the colour and tone of the film, with its grey/gold feel. It adds another layer of authenticity to the movie. The soundtrack was terrific, very clean and natural. This is one of the features missing from a lot of Australian shorts; no one seems to pay attention to sound. The music score was also very appropriate, and helped add to the overall mode of the film. It’s basically a film about love, as the film explores the relationship between Nouria, and her new boyfriend. I have only good things to say about this film, even the titles looked great.