Markus lives in a small German village, with his adoring wife, working as a metal worker, and a part time fireman. After saving the life of someone who attempts to commit suicide, he goes on a weekend training session with the fire brigade. On the first night, he gets blind drunk and wakes up in bed with a waitress. Despite the fact that he still loves his wife, the relationship between Markus and the waitress grows and continues. This film explores Markus’ life, as he attempts to keep both relationships going. I found this film to be very slow and boring, and I guess because Markus was cheating on his wife, I didn’t really feel any respect for this character. The photography was very bland, and dreary, and the soundtrack was also very uninteresting and unexciting. It was another one of those typical “look inside someone’s life” kinds of films – but it was a life I would have preferred not to intrude into. As soon as this film started, I couldn’t wait for it to end.