Jess Jacobs 14.11.90 – 10.05.08

We quite often have people who come and go in our lives, some making more of an impact than others. And occasionally those people who make the biggest impact leave your life so quickly that you never get to thank them for what it is they have done for you or what it is they have meant to you.

Jess was one of the most talented actress’ that I have ever and quite possibly will ever know. She died suddenly two years ago, and had this accident not occurred then she would’ve been 20 years old today.

As I sat next to her grave this morning thinking of how lucky I was to have known her, I started to cry. I cried because I began to think of all the people in the world who will never have the opportunity to be inspired by a talented little chick who loved what she did and just did not give a fuck about fame or fortune.

She acted because she loved it and because she loved the people that she did it with, an attitude which is rare these days.

I love you Jess and I miss you every single day.