Introducing Sumah

After some deliberation and a few lacklustre attempts, I asked myself what exactly I was trying to do with this little corner of the Internet. Perhaps it’s best to start simple. Hello. My name is Sumah Hurley. I’ve had the good fortune to work for and with the brilliant minds behind LateNite Films and through a cruel twist of fate they’ve conscripted my humble self to write a blog. This is that blog: the happenings of a fresh cadet thrown into the midst of the bustling Melbourne film & television scene.

Being the first blog entry, I should perhaps bring you up to speed with the adventures so far. In a bad attempt to avoid cliché roller-coaster analogies I just have to say since moving to Melbourne eight months ago it has been a thrilling ride. Already I have had the chance to work on a variety of remarkable projects and had the pleasure of meeting many filmmakers with the talent and experience anyone in my position would envy. Not that I am an envious person in any regard… Okay, perhaps a little bit. While that was exactly what I planned when I packed up my belongings and moved to this wonderful city, it has unquestionably happened a lot sooner than I intended.

Meeting LateNite has been an absolute highlight - and I’m not just saying that because they will read this. They are a strong, talented team of creatives who without reservations graciously accepted me with open arms. They didn’t waste anytime either. Before finishing my coffee at our first meeting they offered me the opportunity to produce their next short film ‘Hit’. Written and to be directed by Daniel and Jared Daperis, I, without hesitation accepted their offer. From there it all began.



While I had done many short films previously, this one was unlike the rest and it was a perfect way to start anew in the big city. It had many wonderful moments - some lost is memory and others to be unleashed another time, but one of my favourite moments was getting the chance to ride front seat in an ambulance as it sped around an overpass, lights on as the team were shooting from below. It’s my only cameo in the film, even though no one but the crew and myself know I was in it.


I must say the Daperis Brother’s have such passion for their ideas. It’s no surprise that people want to offer up their time and skills without question. This film was no exemption. We had some of the best in the industry helping to create the boy’s vision. Even Daniel turned to me on day one just in awe of their generosity. It astounds me how blessed we were to not only have the crew we did but also the incredible cast. Each one was as dedicated as they were talented. Even to the point where one of the actors calls two days before shooting to inform me that they were in hospital, but to worry because they’ll leave with enough time to get to set. That’s dedication. I mean that’s some messed up kind of dedication to put it bluntly, but it is that commitment from all involved that made the film what it was. And even more so makes me proud to be the producer.


When things happen by chance it is a rather terrifying yet exciting experience or at least for myself it is. So when Princess Pictures contacted me out of nowhere, a company I had followed for years, I was more than surprised. Even now I’m not quite certain how my CV came into their hands, but I am not one to question it.


Walking into their office, an old refurbished church in Prahan, past accomplishments were displayed on the wall; ‘Summer Heights High’, ‘We Can Be Heroes’ and ‘I Love You Too’. I sat down for the meeting, nervous yet eager and met with the series Producer and Production Manager, who were both happy to meet me. The next thing I knew I was asked to be the Script Supervisor for ‘It’s A Date’ series 2. I couldn’t believe it. I internally jumped for joy until I was out of sight and then I let my inward feelings out. And jumped I did.


The shoot was as unique as the show itself. With a new location everyday and new actors every week it was unlike anything I had done before. When on a day you have Kat Stewart to your left and Lisa McCune to your right, I’d say it’s pretty good. The show taught me a great deal, not only about the job but also about myself - my strengths and my limitations. I thank them for allowing me the flexibility to learn and the opportunity to grow.


I was been lucky enough to move straight onto a Sci-Fi/Superhero feature after wrapping the show. We spent two weeks shooting at an old recording studio in St Kilda. Unfortunately the details are classified so I can’t divulge anything about the film, but I had the best time working with the cast and crew to create an entertaining film for perhaps Comic Con.

Just when I think my life can regain some normality, another thing comes along. This time I’ll be heading to Queensland to shoot a feature film called ‘The Red Billabong’. And despite my excitement I am upset to leave LateNite yet again (my disappearing act must be making their heads spin).

And so the next adventure begins…