I served the King of England

This is a seriously funny and very peculiar film about an old man reminiscing about how, from a very young age, all he wanted in life was to become a millionaire. Over four decades, we watch him transform from a cunning hot dog vendor, to a man of great fortune and eventually a hermit, in constant pursuit of money and women. Full of fantastic slapstick comedy, with some dark political and social satire, this is an enthralling and action-packed film about a vertically challenged man’s life. From a technical point of view, the lighting and photography in this film is fantastic – it has a very fairy tale, yet at the same time realistic look about it. The camera work is also very noteworthy – with some great shots of tables spinning to portray time passing. The story is completely engrossing and enchanting, with some fantastic and extremely unique characters. The way it blends history and fiction is also very cleaver. A very funny film that is very colourful, with some of the most amazing set designs I’ve seen. A masterpiece in so many ways…

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