Host and Guest

Despite its slow pacing, I really liked this film. It’s about a very improbable friendship between a miserable film teacher, and an overly friendly and understanding door-to-door religious educator who saves his life, after the film teacher is locked in his own bathroom. It explores their relationship as they discuss and fight about religion, politics, war, family, faith, nationalism and film. I guess the reason I liked this film so much is because I could really relate to the film teacher, as he shared a lot of the same views as me. There were plenty of unsubtle anti-George Bush moments and anti-war conversations. But, I especially agreed when he fought with a movie theatre owner about allocated seating. I also agreed with most of what he said about religion and faith, although it was really great to hear the other side of the argument, from the religious educator. I also agreed with a lot of the views this man had, especially in regards to conscription laws. Overall, this was a really interesting film, with some funny moments, and a fascinating insight into South Korea. I’m a big fan.