Happy Sundaes hits IMDB and SAKOOZ hits YouTube!

At long last, finally some of our hard work is hitting a little thing they call the world wide web! Due to various reasons, we have decided to release Happy Sundaes to the world, free of charge and have also put the SAKOOZ teaser/trailer up on YouTube.

You can watch Happy Sundaes here:


You can watch the SAKOOZ Teaser/Trailer here:


As Happy Sundaes has been around for a while now, and has gone past it’s festival life, we have been considering for a while the best place for it to live online. After reviewing a few different options we ended up settling on IMDB (at least for now). The reason? IMDB is a very professional site with a great reputation. It’s also got an amazing resume database. As Happy Sundaes is now just a showcase tool for us, by putting it up on IMDB after people watch it they can then follow links to the IMDB pages of all the cast and crew. The hope is that if people like Happy Sundaes, they’ll click the link to our actors, and then get in touch with their agents.

SAKOOZ on the other hand is a bit different. We just want as many people to watch it as possible – hence the reason we decided to go with YouTube. Originally we intended to launch the SAKOOZ Teaser/Trailer to the web at the same time as the official SAKOOZ website, but that’s just taking far too long. So instead, we are going to put it up on YouTube exclusively for a bit and just see what happens. Hopefully we get a few hits. Then later this year we will launch the SAKOOZ website which will allow you to edit your own version of the trailer using the raw rushes. Hopefully that also attracts some attention! Again, it’s all about promotional and awareness – but for slightly different reasons.

We really hope you enjoy both Happy Sundaes and the SAKOOZ Teaser/Trailer!

Until next time…