Funny Ha Ha

This is a film that explores the life of Marnie, a young lady who has just recently graduated from college, parties most nights, is looking for a good job and a boyfriend. It’s a film about someone who is stumbling and drifting into adulthood. She’s a slacker, keeps a notebook of self-improvement initiatives (such as “go to museum” and “learn chess”), and is struggling with love. This film looks ultra-low-budget, with long single grainy shots, poor sound quality and slow and natural dialog. It almost feels as if it’s more of an unscripted documentary than a drama. However, despite its film student look, the characters really start to grow on you and you become part of their world. Although nothing really exciting happens, you just go along for the ride (although it’s more like a scenic railway). It has some really funny moments, although it’s hardly a barrel of laughs – more just a look into someone’s life. I really loved this film and fell in love with the character of Marnie.

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