Friday or Another Day

This is a fantastic film about an actor aboard a sailing ship that becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island. Phillippe de Nohan and the ships dog are the only survivors. However, they gather everything from the destroyed ship leaving him with plenty of provisions, supplies and a large collection of theatre bits and pieces. After a while, he starts to lose his grip with reality. But before he goes completely and utterly bonkers, he befriends a native islander he names Friday. This film explores the relationship between the man, the dog and the native. I love the main character in this film. You can certainly relate to him, which is a little bit scary. The dog in this film is also truly entertaining and plays just as big a role. As Phillippe starts to hone in on his primal instincts, at times the dog seems more civilised than the human. The soundtrack is fantastic, but what really makes this film special is the cinematography. The colours and look of the images are constantly changing. A lot of the scenes are quite surreal, others greyscale with hints of bold colours. It just looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of this film.