Exit, a Swedish film directed by Peter Lindmark, is probably one of the most thrilling and exciting films I’ve seen at MIFF so far. Thomas is a successful venture capitalist, with a beautiful wife and daughter, and a high-flying business that is making a tonne of cash. Everything is travelling along perfectly until on the eve of closing a lucrative financial deal, his business partner, close friend and mentor, Wihelm is killed and Thomas is framed for his murder. A mix between the Bourne series and The Fugitive, this is an simmering, multi-layered thriller, jam-packed with complex plots, unexpected twists and turns, and non-stop action. The cast in this film is fantastic. Mads Mikkelsen, who plays Thomas, carries with him all the signature traits of a hero, and yet, you always have the feeling that he’s not the good guy he may seem. This is probably due to his previous roles in movies such as Casino Royale, but he has the degree of danger in his eye, that always makes you wonder if you’re batting for the right person. The villains in this film are also brilliant, and actually remind me of some of the corporate criminals in the Bond series. Overall, this is a great movie that honestly keeps you at the end of your seat. There are some very hard to watch moments – such as one involving an air-compressed nail gun as a torture device – but it’s not overly gory. Thomas is forced to rely only on his wits to protect himself and his family, and I think that’s what makes this film so great. All the pressure is on his shoulders, so he has to do some amazing things to ensure his family lives to see another day.