Day Two Happy Snaps!

As promised, here are some absolutely gorgeous photos taken by the incredible Michelle Leong from Day Two of the Sakooz shoot. There will be lots more of these fantastic images to come in the weeks ahead, but until then, enjoy…

Also, just to give you a quick update, we are still madly cutting together the trailer. We’ve gone through a few drafts now, and are still experimenting trying to put together a trailer that explains the story (but doesn’t give everything away), introduces the characters, looks and sounds amazing, and isn’t boring or clich├ęd. It’s not an easy task, as we’re limited to what we shot on our very hectic five day shooting schedule – but it’s a lot of fun just messing around with the edit and trying new things. One of the big problems I’m finding so far is putting together a sequence that won’t confuse the audience too much – because I know the story so well, it’s easy to forget what the audience do and don’t know. Also, a lot of things that looked good on paper, simply don’t translate through to the screen – so it’s a challenge thinking outside of the box, and messing around with the edit to give certain shots new meaning and context.

I’m off to Sydney tomorrow for a few days for work (so that I can pay off some of my Sakooz debts!), but when I return it will be full steam ahead again in the edit suite. Also, still on the to-do list, we will eventually put up some more detailed posts on what happened during the shoot, and add some more videos and photos. We’ll also start putting an official Sakooz website together, in which you’ll be able to view and download higher resolution versions of the above photos (and lots more)! So stay tuned – lots of exciting things are certainly coming up! We’ll also EVENTUALLY put up all the camera test stuff we talked about months and months ago, plus some R3D files for people to mess around with.

Until next time… Chris!