Cue Camera One!

OK… So I have to admit – my life is way too much fun! Despite the fact that this whole “live stream” event has now blown completely out of proportion, I am so excited about the whole thing. I’ve spent the day driving around picking up gear, and have spent the last few hours testing it, and making sure it all works properly… The good news is, it does. And despite the fact we have a near non-existant budget for this event, we’ve managed to call upon a lot of favours, and are now able to really put on a show! The gear list has piled up dramatically, and I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all in my car now, but it’s still very exciting and very achievable! The best thing about doing stuff like this as well, is that it helps members of our team try new things – for example, Jacqui Hocking normally spends all her time shooting and cutting documentaries, but on Sunday night, she will pressing the buttons on the vision mixer. This will help her expand her skill-set into a whole other world – if, heaven forbid, the film industry dies, then at least she can jump on a console for live shows and TV! Although the technology is very similar, and most of the problems are the same (lack of money, lack of time, it’s always really hard to find good people) – there is still a completely different mentality between live events and filmmaking. I’m lucky – as I moved from the live world to film, so I’ve seen it from both sides. The best thing about this event is now I can drag all the LateNite team into my world! Tomorrow, we will do some tests on the actual location, so it’s certainly exciting times ahead! To infinity & beyond!

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