I’m not exactly sure what was going on a lot of the time in this movie. It seemed quite random. Set in Bamako in Africa, from what I could gather a trial was taking place between the African people and the World Bank, in someone’s courtyard. The actual trial was really interesting, as the “witnesses” expressed their views and opinions about globalisation, privatisation, and the African debt. The film then took an unusual turn midway, when it had a film-within-a-film; a Western spoof, with a whole lot of random shootings. It then went back to the trial, whilst focussing on several of the town’s people at various points. Personally, I couldn’t get my head around this film. I really liked some of the speeches people made at the trial, but I wasn’t and am still not completely sure what the trail actually was! I’m also not sure what a lot of the people at the trial were doing there. In fact, there was probably more I didn’t understand in this film, than there was stuff I did! However, it was certainly different, and at the beginning, it was really interesting. However, by the end, one of the characters in the film summed it up best: “when’s this trail going to end?” A very strange film indeed!