A Little Trip to Heaven

An insurance investigator is brought in to scrutinise a car accident in which a notorious scam artist has been allegedly burnt to a crisp. But as he digs deeper into the events leading up into the incident, the more complex everything becomes. It explores good versus evil; con artist versus insurance companies (both as unethical as each other). Although I like some elements of this movie, overall I wasn’t that impressed. Julia Stiles, Peter Coyote and the little boy who played Thor, were fantastic. Although they were really the “bad guys”, I felt for them. However, for one reason or another, I just didn’t seem to connect with the main character, played by Forest Whitaker. Maybe I just didn’t like his character? Maybe I just didn’t like the fact that he worked for an evil bean counting insurance company? I’m not sure. I did however like the tone and look of the film – very bleak, barren, isolated and dark. I’m not sure about whether I liked the story or not. It offered plenty of twists and turns, but at times seemed a little unrealistic. It has plenty of action and suspense, which keeps it exciting. The music was also very powerful but didn’t always complement the images on screen. Well worth watching, although I have a gut feeling it’s missing something.

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