Goblin Spoon (In Development)

In a fantastical world of magic and monsters, saving the world is just another day at the office. There's dragons to slay, dungeons to crawl, or a princess to smooch - not to mention a whole mess of goblins to kill along the way!

It's a pretty sweet gig if you're a hero... not so much if you're a goblin...

Nugg is one such goblin, and having gotten pretty fed up with the whole arrangement, decides to set off on his own to fulfil his dream of opening his very own restaurant: the Goblin Spoon!

But in a world where everyone thinks goblins should stay in their lane and stick to being battle fodder, who's gonna give Nugg a shot and try his exquisite cuisine? Fortunately, Nugg isn't alone on his epic-quest-to-cook-things-to-digest! His best mate Morrigan (a perennially hung-over Witch), his brother Groon (a lumbering goblin warrior), and his beloved pet Stew-Pot always have his back.

Their adventures will bring him face-to-face with all manner of epicurean dangers, from rowdy wizards and celebrity chefs, to mythical beasts, goblin hunters and worst of all - food critics.

Nugg has the skills, the ingredients, the buds and the real estate...

Now all he needs are some customers.


Writer & Director Nicholas Issell
Producers Nicholas Colla
Monique Mulcahy
Animator Michael Greaney

Co-production with Pixel