Erinsborough High

During the Year 12 exam period, a popular Erinsborough High student goes missing. While the students deal with bullying, mental health, and parental and peer pressure, more revelations about the disappearance come to light.

Erinsborough High is a spin off of popular Australian soap Neighbours.

LateNite handled the entire post production pipeline.

Yashvi RebecchiOlivia Junkeer
Hendrix GreysonBen Turland
Mackenzie HargreavesGeorgie Stone
Richie AmblinLachlan Millar
Jeremiah AnnanDarius Amarfio-Jefferson
Olivia LaneGrace O'Sullivan

Created byJason Herbison
Directed byJonathon Dutton
Executive ProducerJason Herbisong
ProducerNatalie Lynch
WritersMatthew Bon
Nicolette Minster
Libby Butler
Jessica Paine
Melanie Sano
Director Of PhotographyJaque Fisher
EditorChris Hocking
Kevin Luk

Young Adult

Channel 10 (Aus) / Channel 5 (UK)