A condemned man gets a shot at redemption by becoming the man he wants to be, by facing the man he is.


48 Hour Film Project – Melbourne (October 2014)
Winner of Best Film, Best Script & Best Young Filmmaker (Rory Mackenzie)


Daniel Daperis
David Kambouris
Mahalia Brown
Nathan Wentworth
Nicholas Colla
Nicolette Minster
Rory Mackenzie
Virginia Gay


Writers: Daniel Daperis, Nathan Wentworth, Nicholas Colla, Nicolette Minster, Simon Keck
Directors: Daniel Daperis, Nathan Wentworth, Nicholas Colla
Cinematographer: Benjamin Hidalgo De la Barrera
Production Design: Nathan Wentworth
1st AC: Elvis Pramod Vittal
2nd AC: Alli Flanagan
Sound Recordist: Chris Hocking
Makeup Artist: Eloise Loxton
Production Assistant: Marnie Colla
Stills Photographer: Ashley McCloud
Editor: Chris Hocking
Visual Effects: Michael Shanks
Colourist: Chris Tomkins
Music: Paul Dawkins
Sound Design: Craig Jansson

Special Thanks

Artie Manousakis
Diane Bradley
Inspiration Rentals
Cail Young
Benoit McCullough
Karen Mead
Sharon & Leon Colla
Colin Warren