The second music video from Guy Pearce’s second album, “The Nomad”.

Says Guy, “This song is about searching, as well as fending off the projections of others. In the clip I wanted to wander as a solitary figure without the presence of anybody else, only through nature and old man made places.

Even though he settles for a while at a random piano, offering itself as a poetic and expressive tool, our character’s destiny will still only be to find answers within himself.

I wanted the entire clip to feel languid and melancholic but also beautiful. Getting to use Max Walter as our DP enabled such a style. He’s brilliant. And directing this in conjunction with Michael Shanks and the team at Late Nite films made it a wonderful two day experience, including trying to work out how to get a lovely 100 year old Estey Piano from Kynton to a paddock in Little River. I’m pleased to say that piano is now being fully restored. I’m very proud of this clip as I think it perfectly suits what is one of my favourite songs on the album.”


Guy Pearce


Cinematographer: Max Walter
Producers: Chris Hocking, Michael Shanks & Nicholas Colla
Editor: Kevin Luk
Colourist: CJ Dobson
1st AC: Cameron Gaze

Special Thanks

Terry & Daryl Hedt
The Vision House
James Macgregor
Barry Malseed
Piano Moves
ABC Pianos