The Script Machine is a film about a young writer that is drugged by a studio and forced to write traditional Hollywood narratives. The studio hooks writers up to a machine and they live out their scripts in an alternate reality. The only way to survive, break convention. Can Edgar and Scott break convention and get ‘unplugged’ from this horrific virtual reality? Only time will tell.

Screenings & Awards

48 Hour Film Project – Melbourne (November 2011)
Winner of Best Film, Best Script, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design & Best Editing

Filmapalooza – New Mexico (March 2012)


Edgar: Nicholas Colla
Scott: Michael Shanks
Studio Head: Amanda Logan
Studio Exec: Ben Ridgwell
Girlfriend: Matylda Buczko
Zombie: Matt Trubiani
Dancer: Laura Frew
Dancer: Catherine Bergantino
Dancer: Jess Booth
Dancer: Nadia Vickery
Marine: Sweeney Young
Marine: Emily O’Brien Brown
Marine: Alistair Marks
Arthur: Mark Taylor
Jane: Georgina Cook
Mr. Edwards: Himself
Dead Girl: Caitlin O’Connor


Writer/Director: Michael Shanks & Nicholas Colla
Cinematographer: Benjamin Hidalgo De la Barrera
Producer: Chris Hocking & Nicholas Colla
Production Design: Ashley McCloud & Julia Mahoney
Colourist: Roslyn DiSisto
Camera Assistant: Austin Haigh
Gaffer: Tom Savige
Grip: Joel Sharpe
Sound Recordist: Chris Hocking
2nd Unit Camera: David Hocking
Stunt Driver: Brett Solomano
Make Up: Chrissy Borchard & Eloise Loxton
Editor: Chris Hocking & Jacqui Hocking
Visual Effects: Michael Shanks
Music: Craig Smith & Justin Dellevergin

Special Thanks

Method Studios
Grace Deacon
Ashley Buchanan
Newport Substation
Michael Lund
Nick Issell
Nick Atkins
Jack Levitt
Gill Shanks
Marnie Colla
Sharon Colla
Nathan Rogers
Daniel Sneddon
Karen Mead
Williamstown Pony Club
Alistair Marks
Shane Korin
Julian Costanzo
John Halford
Marcel De Quadros
Key Lighting
Tom Savige
Austin Haigh
Tommy Blum
Lisa Campos
Jen Farrow
Lukas Strautins
Arabella Gubay