We may think that one piece of litter doesn’t make much of a difference. But every bit adds up and a mess can accumulate, marring the beautiful environment, polluting our waterways and endangering the wildlife that resides there. Everyone has a part to play in keeping our waterways clean.


Charlene: Senior Project Manager (Wake Boarder)
Haikal: Competitive Dragon Boater
Mansingh: Retiree
Eugene: Waterways Watch Society Founder
Huan: Student and Clean-up Volunteer
Syahidah: Teacher & Clean-up Volunteer
Kian Seng: Waterways Watch Society Volunteer
Nurul: Waterways Watch Society Volunteer


Director & Editor: Jacqui Hocking
Producer: Laura Allen
Assistant Editor: Shao Min Chew-Chia

Cinematographer (Kallang): Anuj Gulati
Cinematographer (East Coast Park): Anshul Tiwari
Cinematographer (Wake-Boarding): Jacqui Hocking
Production Assistant: Ashwin Subramanium
Driver: Navin Ammaras
Composer & Sound Designer: Craig Jansson @ The Magic Sound Company

Camera Supplier: Camera Rental Centre (Singapore)

Shot on Location throughout Singapore.


Account Director: Posha Rai


Everyone at the Waterways Watch Society
The Magic Sound Company
Nigel and the whole D’Acre Family
Prof Siva at ICCS