Handle With Care is a film about a statistical genius who finds himself trying to work out what love is and how to deal with it.

Everything in Lance’s life is done by the numbers. Everything has a numerical value and also a mathematical possibility. That is until he meets April Armstrong and her piggy bank.

Handle with Care explores life, love, loneliness and the inner ramblings of a statistical genius.

Screenings & Awards

48 Hour Film Project – Melbourne (November 2009)
Winner of Best Script & Best Use of Character


Lance: Nicholas Colla
April: Lucy Honigman


Director: Nicholas Colla & Thom Holt
Producer: Dave Christison
Writers: Dave Christison, La-Ra Hinckeldeyn, Lucy Honigman,
Writers: Nicholas Colla & Thom Holt
Cinematographer: Thom Holt
Production Design: La-Ra Hinckeldeyn
Gaffer: Thom Holt
Sound Recordist: Chris Hocking
Editor: Chris Hocking
Colourist: Shelley Farthing-Dawe