Survival Reality show host Craig McBahon is in trouble. The ratings on his show “Keep on Surviving” are down and the studio wants answers. Too bad Craig is too busy caught up in exactly what angle he is being shot from.

With the pressure mounting, things take an unusual turn when McBahon wakes up to discover that his crew have been brutally murdered and the only clue is a blood stained knife and a noose hanging from a nearby tree.

With no memory of what has happened and no witnesses, Craig is left to battle his own inner demons as he tries to piece together exactly what has happened, out in the wilderness.

Screenings & Awards

48 Hour Film Project – Melbourne (November 2010)
Winner of Best Film, Best Directing, Best Sound Design & Best Musical Score

Filmapalooza – Miami (March 2011)


Craig McBahon: Nicholas Colla
The Producer: Amanda Logan
The Director: Andre De Vanny
The Camera Man: Lee Beckhurst
The Sound Recordist: Wendy Bos
The Make Up Artist: Emily O’Brien-Brown


Writer/Director: Nicholas Colla & Thom Holt
Director of Photography: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Producers: Chris Hocking & Nicholas Colla
Producer: Thom Holt
Production Manager: Irina Korzh
Camera Assistant: Hugh McMurrich
Gaffer: Thom Holt
Sound Recordist: Chris Hocking
Editor: Chris Hocking
Sound Design: Chris Hocking
Special Thanks: Hocking Family

Music Credits

“Company” by Seagull
“Tram Song” by The Little Stevies

Special Thanks

George Pana
David & Chris Parkinson
Sound Lighting Services
Jack Hutchings
The Butchery