Daryl, a lonely middle-aged egg, wakes up one day determined to fly. But his plans are quickly met with overwhelming negativity in the small town in which he resides – “Eggs can’t fly, don’t be ridiculous!” On the verge of an existential crisis, Daryl is unexpectedly aided by a local neighborhood kid in his quest for flight, allowing him to overcome the pessimistic worldview of his small town and ultimately celebrate the joy of a self-determined existence.

Developed & Produced with the assistance of Film Victoria for the Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge.


Narrator: Ming-Zhu Hii
Daryl: Geraldine Hickey
Kevin: Nazeem Hussain
Jess, Tess & VR Simulator: Nicolette Minster
Melanie: Vidya Rajan
Cody: Ratidzo Mambo
Sergeant Alpaca: Ronny Chieng


Writer & Director: Natesha Somasundaram
Producers: Chris Hocking & Nicholas Colla
Composer: Paul Dawkins
Sound Design: Craig Jansson
Creative & Production Support: Pixel Melbourne
Virtual Production & Motion Capture: Fika Entertainment
Unreal Artists: Chris Hocking, David Fromholtz & Kevin Luk
Character Designer: Kate Moon
Modelling & Texturing: Richard Shilling
2D Animation: Dale Anderson