In 2013, the French fashion label agnès b. collaborated with Gone Adventurin’ to design Divin’ Timor, a branded content project. The project was based on an underwater diving adventure in some of the world’s most stunning and majestic dive sites in Timor-Leste, to support the environmental charity The Hummingfish Foundation and its adopted initiatives such as Ai-Funan – a community-based ecotourism project started by a collective of women entrepreneurs in Timor-Leste. agnès b. aimed to engage customers and create an international event and exhibition as part of “LA MAISON SUR L’EAU”, the world’s first travel concept store built on the fashion label founder’s passion for art and culture.

The Results

Divin’ Timor enabled agnès b. to authentically share its brand values and brand founder Agnès Troublé’s commitment to marine conservation to key stakeholders such as customers, government officials and influencers in society.

The global film premiere in Hong Kong was attended by Timor-Leste’s Secretary of State for Commerce as well as the country’s ambassador to China. A photography exhibition dedicated to Timor-Leste and Ai-Funan was launched in the flagship agnès b. store in central Hong Kong while the Ai-Funan soaps were sold to thousands of customers across various stores thereby generating direct revenue and credibility for the pioneering community-based ecotourism co-operative in Timor-Letse through association with an established fashion brand.

agnès b. LA MAISON SUR L’EAU is proud to collaborate with The Hummingfish Foundation and present this meaningful project on Timor-Leste. Our objective is increase the awareness of social enterprises like Ai-Funan in our society and around the world.agnès b.


David Hocking
Mai Ho
Sarah Wong
Daniel Groshong
Matthew Hui
Ashwin Subramaniam
Juan Celedon

Mariquita Fatima da Costa
Ana Paula
Brigida Ximenes
Domingas Cristina Freitas
Teresa Matos da Silva
José Ramos-Horta
Bento Pasker
Rui Pinto
Francisco Martinez
João Carvalho
Antonio Oliveira
Felix da Costa
Felis Martinez de Jesus


Jacqui Hocking

David Franjic

Jacqui Hocking & Joel Sharpe

Research & Production Assistant:
David Hocking

Tetum Translations:
Katrina Langford & Osorio C. D. Rego

Music Composer:
Hayden Schueler

Special Thanks

Airline Sponsor AIRNORTH
Centro Treinamento Integral e Desenvolvimento
(CTID) Canossa, Baucau, Timor-Leste
Dive Timor Lorosae, Timor-Leste
National Youth Council, Singapore
HUB, Singapore
Rotary Club of Bukit Timah, Singapore
The Hummingfish Foundation, Hong Kong
Documentary Australia Foundation

Chris Hocking
Laura Allen
Peter Yang
Michele Huang
Veronica Yow
Navin Amarasuriya
Kimble Ngo