Written by Guy Pearce: After working with Michael Shanks on my video for ‘Storm’ and ‘I Can Be Some Good’ (which will be the final video for this album) as well as his web series ‘Wizards of Oz’, the prospect of collaborating again was immediately inspiring.  

Michael talked to me about the idea of doing some form of ‘digital capture’ for the basis of the Broken Bones video. I was intrigued. We tried to make it work at a studio in France after us both had been at Cannes Film Festival in 2014, but unfortunately had to reconsider as that studio was closed for renovations. 

The only other place that offered the technology he wanted was in Tokyo. Coincidentally I was going to be in Tokyo to work on the film ‘Equals’ in mid-2014. Michael flew over and we booked time in the ‘4D Views’ studio. 

It was a fascinating process that required me to perform the song in a green screen stage with 48 digital cameras all around and above me. Michael was then able to utilise and change the image of me anyway he wanted.

After then filming some forest footage back in Melbourne, Michael waved his magic VFX wand and created this video – a mysterious and evocative journey that takes the song to a whole new emotional level.

I’m really thrilled with this clip and hope you are too!

Thanks again Michael – you’re a genius.


Guy Pearce


Director & Visual Effects: Michael Shanks
Producer: Chris Hocking
Cinematographer: Benjamin Hidalgo De La Barrera
Production Assistants: Jared & Daniel Daperis
Additional Visual Effects: David Fromholtz

Special Thanks

4D Views in Tokyo
James MacGregor @ The Vision House
Philip & Linda Hocking