Watching it Rain

This is a beautiful and very well acted short film about two teenagers living in a small Mexican town. Sofia, a beautiful young lady, hates her life and the fact that her mother sleeps around, and doesn’t seem to care about her in the slightest. Jonas on the other hand, has a lovely mother, who really cares about him. Sofia and Jonas begin to form a relationship, but Sofia wants to leave the town for good. It’s a story about Jonas struggle to head off with this intriguing, yet unstable young lady, or stay at home with his loving mum. The acting in this short film is truly top class. I really loved this film. It was shot beautifully, and had good sound design. But what drew me in were the characters. They felt so real. This is not a happy film, but gives a great insight into the lives of two young lovers who have very different backgrounds, despite living in the same small town.