It’s typical! The day we finish the Sakooz trailer is the day that RED and Apple release a software update that would have made my life so much easier. This update is BIG news for anyone who has to deal with RED footage on a Final Cut Pro system, as it now means you can edit R3D files natively on Final Cut Pro (in much the same way as you would edit DVCPRO HD footage coming from something like a HVX). This software is literally hot off the press, so there is bound to be bugs and issues, but from most (actually scrap that… SOME) reports, everything seems to be working as planned. For our trailer, what we ended up doing was bringing in 1920×1080 DPX Sequences into Color – now you can just “Send To” from Final Cut, and the native REDCODE timeline is re-created in Color. This will save so much time for everyone, and also help ensure you retain the maximum quality. Exciting times certainly lay ahead! Keep an eye out on Reduser! Thanks Apple & RED!

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