The Short Films of Royston Tan

Having never seen a Royston Tan film, I must say I was really impressed! Starting with D.I.Y, Royston explores the music found in everyday life. The footage in this film was really bold and beautiful with some great panning/dolly shots. His film, Cut, is a hilarious attack at the Singaporean film censors in the form of a full blown singing and dancing musical. I really loved the humour of this film, and the big, loud and colourful performances. I didn’t really understand the story behind Monkeylove; however I really liked the look and sound of the film, with its grainy amateur-like images, and unnatural ear-piercing effects. Mother was a really narration driven story, with some great archive footage. Sons, like Mother, was again heavily narration driven, and explored the relationship between a father and son. New York Girl is a hilarious short film that shows an audition tape of a Chinese New York-born girl and her dream of becoming the next Wonder Women in an upcoming feature film. Although it’s just a girl, white backdrop and a camera, it really makes you laugh! Hock Hiop Leong, is an ode to an old café that has long since closed down, that starts off quite simple and documentary like, but latter breaks into full swing singing and dancing, almost Bollywood style! Careless Whisper is a love story, about a geeky man and his quest to get the attention and love of his dream women. Inspired by a dreadful singer that auditioned for the TV show Singapore Idol, this is a truly funny, yet painful film. Unfortunately, I can’t reminder what the last film, 24 hrs was about – but I’m sure it was good. Royston Tan is an amazingly diverse filmmaker that has a great attention to detail, and an obvious love of life. It would also seem he’s quite a fan of just randomly breaking into song and dance! I can’t wait to see some of his feature films!

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