The problem with full time work…

I’m extremely lucky to have landed a fantastic job a few weeks ago as an assistant editor full time this year at a amazing boutique edit house in Melbourne. At a time where job security is certainly not ensured, unemployment is high and the economy is in the toilet, it’s great to have a job, let alone a challenging, exciting and fun job working alongside an award winning group of just really great people. But like with everything in life, there’s always some negatives. For me, the simple fact that I’m working five days a week means that I have less and less time to concentrate on my own film projects.  After a big day at work, plus a few hours of commuting home, there’s not much time left to get fired up again about all the others things on your to-do list. As always, time in against me. But at least I’m doing something I really enjoy.

But having said all this – despite my ongoing lack of time, I’ve got a huge amount of INCREDIBLE projects in the works. The Sakooz website has been put on a temporary hold yet again – I just need a few days free to get it up and running. This will DEFINITELY be done as soon as possible. I have also just recently come up with a completely new and improved angle for the story, so I will start going back to the drawing boards in terms of the Sakooz script shortly. I’m still on the hunt for a talented script writer to jump on board this one. But all things Sakooz aside for a second, I’ve recently been in discussing with two other writing/directing teams about to very different, yet both incredibly exciting projects.

One of them is a short film adaptation of the highly successful children’s book There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake. I am currently working with the team to offer them some guidance in how exactly they can get a realistic hippo onto the big screen. This is an EXTREMELY exciting project to be involved in, and although this is not technically a latenite film, we will certainly be heavily involved in the production.

We are also in the early stages of helping develop an online television show about super heroes. Again, this is not technically a latenite film – but we’ll certainly be discussing the production on our site in great detail as time goes on.

So as always – things are certainly happening! There’s never a dull moment here! Our twitter account is slowly gaining momentum as we post relevant industry news, geared towards Melbourne film-maker, and our recent blog entry on Final Cut Studio 3 predictions has been getting a massive amount of hits! Thanks to everyone who has written down a comment! It’s extremely appreciated! If you aren’t follow us on twitter yet – make sure you sign up!

We’ve also recently uploaded a whole lot of old film reviews and articles onto this blog for you all to have a look at. We hope it’s of some interest to you. As always, feel free to leave a question of comment.

Thanks for reading – and well keep you in the loop as to all the exciting things we’ve got in the works!

See you in the soup!

Best Regards, Chris!