The Host

This may well be my favourite film so far! I have never seen such a fantastic audience reaction and participation, as I have with this film. It starts with an US Army officer, who orders the dumping of litres of nasty looking chemicals into the sink, which consequentially, runs out into the main river of Seoul, in South Korea. Somehow, the mixture of chemicals creates a mutant creature, which emerges six years later, and wreaks havoc in the city. The creature kills many people, and grabs a young girl, which it takes to its lair in the sewer tunnels. Her family, sure that she’s still alive, set out to bring her back home, while the US Army quarantine the river, claiming the creature is host to a horrific virus. This is a truly exciting and thrilling film, which is also extremely funny and very, very random. The special effects are fantastic, but what makes this film so special is that you seriously have no idea where the story is headed. What will start of as an emotional, and sad scene, will end up being a hilarious tongue-in-cheek fight sequence. One minute the monster is killing people, the next, some crazy doctor is drilling through the protagonists head! I have no idea what to make of this movie. I feel as if I missed a really important political or social message that was hidden behind the confusing, yet remarkable storyline. This film really has everything. It will make you jump out of your skin, it will make you cry, and for most of the film, it will make your cheeks hurt with laughter. This is a really unique film, that will, no question about it, become a cult classic. It’s a kind of a bit like a South Korean version of Shaun of the Dead, with a mutant monster instead of zombies. Very random – very funny! Like I said, it’s probably my favourite film so far of MIFF 2006.

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