The Boss of it All

This is a very funny and essentially harmless film about the owner of an IT company that decides to sell up and move on, forcing to wheel out the CEO to sign on the dotted line, sealing the deal. Trouble is the supposed America-based CEO doesn’t really exist. He’s basically just an e-mail address that is created to take the blame for unpopular decisions. The solution that the owner comes up with, who claims to be just another white collar worker in the film, is to hire an actor to play the part in his devious charade. But, as the actor begins to slowly fit into his character, he becomes attached to his associates, and tries to convince the owner not to sell up. This is a very strange, yet incredibly entertaining film. Using a lot of very random camera angles and shots, as well as opening and closing with narration which talks about the fact that the film is a comedy – this is not your conventional film. The characters are all completely over-the-top, and definitely completely-and-utterly crazy – but are all very likable in a strange office co-worker kind of way. This is a very unique film, with a very unusual style. I really enjoyed it.

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