Sam Robinson wants to be taken seriously. After years of frustration, indifference and rejection, Sam’s had enough. Today’s the day that all of that changes. Today, he gets the job that makes something out of his pitiful existence.

After a crazy night of near death experiences out with his best friend Tony and Tony’s sister May, Sam drags himself to another job interview, trusty briefcase in hand. A mix-up at the train station leaves Sam holding the wrong case – a case that belongs to a dangerous man, who owes it to an even more deadly villain. Stuck between two charging bulls, Tony and Sam have to think fast and work together to save their asses or risk losing everything.

Tommy Davenport is a man with a problem. Well, maybe two problems: a briefcase full of secrets and a sizeable debt. That debt is due today, and is payable to the most feared crime lord in the country, Lucio Carvaggio. Lucio puts the screws on Tommy, who is forced to part with the one and only thing he still holds over Lucio and the Italian racquet – the briefcase. Shame that the only help Tommy can find are two-bit felons like Billy and Chubbs who couldn’t even deliver pizza. When the delivery goes sour, Tommy, Billy and Chubbs are in a race against time to find their briefcase and save themselves from Lucio’s wrath.

Lucio is not a man you want to be indebted to. He’s a man who’s hell bent on owning everyone and everything and when Tommy can’t pay up, that’s exactly the opportunity he gets. With the Tommy’s briefcase in his keep, he will have total control. But not if Sam and Tony have anything to say about it! Lucio’s going to need all the collateral he can get his hands on.

Luke wakes up in the morning next to his wife. He showers, puts on his suit and combs his hair. He makes breakfast for his children and wife, and then heads off to work, where he kills people. Today should be like any other day. That is until Lucio calls him in to collect a briefcase. A briefcase that could elevate this mercenary hit man to boss of the city.

Your life can change in one moment.

Who will reign supreme in this tale of Betrayal, Bloodlust and a Briefcase?


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