Scheduling in Celtx

In the past 12 or so hours a few things have, understandably so, kept me from sleeping. For starters last night I had to take part in emergency evac training at work where we were put in a “situation” that we may or may not have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately for the poor trainer my mind went a wanderin’ with all the possible ridiculous scenarios that they could potentially come up with. For example “Ok guys, we have let a pack of wild zebras loose in the stalls of the state theatre and have place an injured 90 year old woman in the front row. You’re job is to somehow find a way through the zebra pack to rescue the woman who has broken her hip trying to get out of her chair!!”

The second thing keep me awake, which was not so much last night but literally 5min ago when I read Al’s blog was that he had shaved and had a hair cut……………I wept a little!!

AND FINALLY, yep you guessed it – scheduling was the little bastard that kept me awake until about 3:30 in the am last night (i guess this morning.) But with that said one great thing has come out of it in that we are finally getting all that work together and now with the first of 5 weeks scheduled and looking tight as a Zebras bum, I think we’re in business!!

I think all of us are just beginning to gain some momentum which is fantastic cause we have a deadline to have our pitch package ready for possible investors to look over!! To be honest I wanted to just plain and simple give them a big piece of paper with GIVE US MONEY CAUSE THIS FILM IS GONNA KNOCK YOUR FUCKING SOCKS OFF, but apparently that ain’t how it works!!

Anyway off to work now before week 2 of the dreaded schedule commences – if you’re lucky I might even video blog it up tonight!!! Stay tuned.

Peace Out