This is a great short New Zealand film about a brother and sister, who live in fear of their overly protective father. They mother is no longer in their lives for some unspecified reason, and as a result the father focuses all of his attention on making sure his children are the best they can be. He forces his daughter to play the piano, not allowing her to play her own thing as well as forcing both his children to run for quite a distance to ensure they keep healthy. His persistence turns to violence if they don’t play by his rules. This is a tale about two siblings who eventually team together, as brother and sister should, to overcome their fears and obstacles. Some of the acting in this film seemed a little bit suspect; although it’s hard to tell if that was due to bad acting, or whether the characters would actually be like that in a real world situation. The production values were fantastic – as is to be expected with these heavily funded short films. It had a good build up to a very satisfying, although slightly cliché conclusion.