Not Long To Go Now…

As always, time has flown, and deadlines are getting closer and closer. In a perfect world, we’d like to have everything completed by next Friday 7th. Whether or not we’ll be able to complete that deadline, well, only time will tell. Everything seems to be going pretty well. Colour grading is currently being tackled, and most of the visual effects are now completed – we’ve only got a few of the more tricky ones to go. The biggest worry we have currently is whether or not we’ll have the score completed by then. But fingers crossed! Another, more subjective problem is working out what we actually do with the soundtrack! To voice over or not to voice over, that is the question.

The whole post production process has certainly been an exciting and challenging one! We’ve definitely spent a fair bit of time hanging around at the Red User forum, trying to work out the best workflow with our limited resources and budget (you can read one of our threads here). But, so far, so good, and we’ve been able to develop a nice little pipeline that seems to be working. At some stage in the future we’ll explain everything in nitty-gritty technical detail.

I’ve unfortunately got to get back to work – so this is just a very quick little update. But rest assured, we’ll be posting more and more stuff in the lead up to 2009. How scary is that? The year is rapidly coming to an end.

Until next time…

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